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Some fantastic volunteers make it possible for all of us to enjoy miles and miles of offroad trails.  Next time you’re out and see one, be sure to give them a smile and a wave!

Kalkaska County Sand & Snow

What are the Blue Bear and Cranberry Trails ?

Standing in the Trail Head Parking lot on M 72. CranberryTrail : If you go south and cross M72 then continue straight it runs until you hit the “T” going to Grayling or Fife Lake. Blue Bear Trail: If you head north into the woods. It is a loop that turns back at Starvation Lake to the M 72 parking Lot.  Map on right color coded.

Blue Bear Trail update

Trail 679 and 79 of the Blue Bear was graded today. Go to our web site and sign up for Groomer Tracker , follow and see when we grade. Ride Right  Ride sober 

Blue Bear Trail update

Trail 791 and 76 were graded down to M72 parking lot It took 2 days 22 hours. The trail is in good shape and hope to finish trail 79 on Thursday.

Blue Bear Trail update

Trail 76 and 791 of the Blue Bear was finished today 7/29/2022. It is taking longer than normal due to the trail condition.

Grading Started Back Up

Tractor Repaired and we are back grading the trails. The Cranberry Trail was graded today. Blue Bear should be finished by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience while we fixed the Tractor causing some rough trails.    

Blue Bear Trail update

Trail 76 and 791 were graded Thursday. Our tractor was broke down for about a week. The trail is in fair condition. We have one other repair to make on the tractor, and hope to grade mid week.

Equipment Down Trails are not Graded

Our tractor is down so the trails are not graded. We hope to have up by next week. Due to drought like conditions trails are very dusty and deep sand in some areas.

Club Ride Local Trails 6/25/2022 Canceled

Our Club Ride scheduled for tomorrow 6/25/2022 has been canceled. Forecasted temperatures near 90 degrees and trails that are completely dust due to lack of rain, we feel is not safe riding or fun riding conditions. Our suggestion is find a wonderful cold lake and enjoy your day. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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Trails 76,79,679,791 have been graded and ready for the upcoming weekend. Enjoy  Ride right  Ride sober

Summer Grading

We started grading the Blue Bear and Cranberry trails May 9th and finished on the 13th. May 23rd we started grading for Memorial Day weekend and will finish the 26th. 

Blue Bear Trail update

3/9/22  Due to the condition of the trail, snow over ice and water we will not be grooming until conditions improve. Watch us on groomer tracker

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