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Some fantastic volunteers make it possible for all of us to enjoy miles and miles of offroad trails.  Next time you’re out and see one, be sure to give them a smile and a wave!

Kalkaska County Sand & Snow

What are the Blue Bear and Cranberry Trails ?

Standing in the Trail Head Parking lot on M 72. CranberryTrail : If you go south and cross M72 then continue straight it runs until you hit the “T” going to Grayling or Fife Lake. Blue Bear Trail: If you head north into the woods. It is a loop that turns back at Starvation Lake to the M 72 parking Lot.  Map on right color coded.

Blue Bear Trail update

Trail 76  79  679  and 791 was groomed last night.  The trail is still in good condition.  We need snow!!!  Ride Right   Ride Sober

Cranberry trail

The cranberry trail was groomed today. The trail is flat but real thin between Sunset trail and Military road. Hopefully we get more snow Thursday night and Friday.

Blue Bear Trail update

The Blue Bear was groomed yesterday evening. The trail  groomed well, super cold temps. Ride Right Ride Safe and try to save the snow we have by taking it easy. ENJOY..                                                              The Cranberry was also groomed yesterday...

Blue Bear Trail update

The Cranberry trail was also groomed Wednesday the 25th. Reported snow thin and some corners were down to sand. Ride Safe  Ride Right

Blue Bear Trail update

12/29/22     Out last night doing some touch-up on some drifted areas. With these warm temps we can't groom ,                  and the trail will not set up. Please tread lightly to help save the snow we have. Ride Safe Ride Right

Blue Bear Trail update

The Blue Bear was groomed today. The trail has seen a lot of traffic over the last couple of days. We are grooming day and night. Ride Safe  Ride Right

Blue Bear Trail update

Started building the trail base 12/23/22  lots of snow and drifting. Very little visibility and lots of drifting. Please stay on the trail, this really helps the groomer when these conditions exist. Ride safe Ride right.  The Groomer is also out today if you see Jim give him the thumbs up.

Trails Graded

The Cranberry and Blue Bear trails have been graded. For some interesting pics see our Facebook page. We apologize for the rough trails last weekend. There where some tractor issues coupled with we where doing brushing. We are limited in resources due to its the same people doing the work. 

Caution Trail Maintenance

We will be continuing our brushing of the trails the next two weeks. This entails a tractor and a brushing machine that throws cut branches and twigs as we work. There will be some of this on the trail until we follow up by hand and throw it off the trail. Feel free to stop and help if you come across areas needing to be cleared. Please use caution 

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